On assignment with Packratus Habitualis

While Steve's out on vacation, we have a special guest poster, Dr. Corie vonOrganizationsplunker. Corie just returned from on assignment in the wilds of the closet whilst studying several species of organizational creatures. She's agreed to write this article on her latest discovery.

Hello everyone. It's nice to be here. I'm here, on location, to show you my latest discovery. Today we observe Packratus Habitualis in her natural habitat--her cluttered, disorganized abode. Now, I'm not sure if she'll make an appearance, this room seems to be quite a disarry.

Well, look at that. It seems we're in luck! She's decided it's time to tackle her home office area in an effort to organize herself. Quietly now. Let's not startle her.

Do you see that? First, Packratus stands in the doorway for several long moments, staring at the mess. Piles of old bills, magazines she doesn't need, letters, glasses from the kitchen--even a bit of laundry has all somehow found its way into this room. After her perusal, Packratus shakes her head and goes to the kitchen for a courage-bolstering snack. I wonder if she spotted us and whether or not she'll be back. Let's wait a short bit before giving up on her.

(5 minutes later)

Thus fortified, she returns to the scene of battle! Ah, and what a smart specimen of the species she is--see how she shoves random piles of junk aside to make a clear space on the floor to sort things? That's a mark of pure genius. Her next step is to grab a few things from the top of the nearest pile and sort through them. Oh dear, she's paused and staring at a strange object. What could this be? It's either a pancake or that half-eaten candy bar she lost last week.

Disgusting! She seems to agree, since she's actually Throwing It Out. Amazing! Perhaps she'll make it through the whole room and get rid of things instead of keeping them.

About halfway through pile one, she hits her second major obstacle (the first after conquering the fear to start this process). A letter from an old friend, it looks like. And oh no, Packratus has stopped again, so she can read the letter. And now, she seems compelled to dig through piles for the necessary items to reply to the letter. Does this mark the end of the cleaning spree?

Twenty minutes later, she returns to the task, letter safely mailed. And since she wasn't too careful getting out her paper materials, she's got to clear another space and start over. But she's game! She begins again. What a brave little trooper this one is.

(4 hours later and nothing seems to change)

Well, folks, it's been four hours; it seems poor Packratus has given up the game. Instead of neatly folding items away, she's started cramming almost everything into a closet. And covering the rest with the rug she's unearthed while shoving things around. At least she did throw away the leftover food, put the glasses in the kitchen, and dropped the dirty socks in with the rest of the laundry. Now, let's hope she doesn't trip over the new lumps in the carpet!

This has been a special on-site report on Packratus Habitualis. Until next time may your rooms be clean and your planners keep you up to date. Good-bye.

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Carolus Linnaeus et al

Um, don't you mean

Packratus Habitualis Compulsivus?

Cute Voice

Raise your hands everyone else hearing a little voice inside your head narrating the "documentary" in a cute british accent!! Anyone? No One??

...Oh, it's just me then.

Nope, me too

I "heard" two voices -- that cute Brit one, and the guy that used to the "Hinterland Who's Who" pieces that show up every once in a a while on Canadian TV....

Lawrence Fox
AccountingWizard Solutions

Still rambling on the Voice

Wouldn't know about the second one, I'm chilean... No canadian TV here. =)

Steve Irwin (the crocodile hunter) comes to mind too though.