hipster PDA & a 6-hole diary

Hi there.

I have a 6-hole diary with paper 3"x5". I tried to use the hipster PDA version, but I find that the margin is not enough for my holes.

I saw an image somewhere on this website where one was using a similar diary with these forms in.

Can anyone give me pointers on how I can get these forms in my 6-hole diary without punching trough the graphics.

Thank you, Victor.

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good idea

I use a brandless binder with success junior and filofax pocket paper, but it would be nice to put the hipster cards in there. If someone knows how to do this it would be nice.
Maybe I could then make a series of hipster templates changed in this way, there might be more people who could use this.

I'm compiling one like this now

I just bought a Dayrunner with 3x5 pages. What I did was use the image based templates (rather than the PDF) and put them in an MS Word table. The table has 6 columns, one for the holes (.38) one for the images (2.63) one for possible tabs should I ever want them (.25) - these are then repeated, two rows 5 inches tall. I have to shrink the images a bit to fit them in.

On the second page of the document I reverse the order of the columns, so I can print them on the back of the paper.

Now ... to hole punch the pages I have just ordered a Rapesco 66P - from a UK ebay seller who was willing to ship to the US. It's costing me about $40 US($20 for the item plus $20 shipping). I contacted him and he posted one for me with US shipping rates.

This is the URL to the UK one, if you are in the US contact the seller and I'm sure he'll help you out like he did me:


This gives exactly what I wanted, thanks for the idea DremeMynd.
As for the hole punch, I bought an adjustable six-hole punch for only 15 euros. It is from KW-trio, and it punches all sizes up to A5. Don't know if you can find it in the US, but it is worth a look.

You're Welcome

It seems as though Europe has so many more hole punch options than the US does for small binders. I'm jealous. :)

However, I have contacted Rapesco and asked if they have anyone in the US distributing their product, because this site is a significant niche market for hole punches that will work for 3x5 paper. I'll let people know what they say.

but no index cards

Yes we have many choices for hole punches. But it is impossible to find blank index cards around here, let alone coloured or squared ones. And the A5 binders for planners start at 50 euros (about 70USD). So not all good I think.
That's why I liked this idea so much!

Continental Exchange

I think it would be cool if we could have a continental exchange going on. I wonder how complex the import/export laws are, what other international roadblocks there would be, and if they would even apply to such a small operation. If we could set up ebay accounts, a simple website, or even a forum on this site specifically for exchanging D*I*Y specific supplies that are easy to find in one part of the world to people in the other.

My fantasy actually is that two people would work together, one in North America and one in Europe. They would search for really good prices on the items (bulk purchases?) the lowest possible shipping rates, and exchange items that are in demand, keeping small quantities in stock and selling them to people who need them.