Looking for larger ring size for Filofax A5 paper


I'm an avid Filofax user but find the maximum ring size of 30mm is not sufficient. Does anyone know of a larger binder manufacturer that can accommodate the A5 Filofax refills?

Many Thanks

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Last of the Big Rings...

Hmmm, the only A5 Filofax with 35mm ring is the 'Finsbury Zip'. It may help if you tell us which size ring you want and the country you are in. :)

Last of the Big Rings

I'm based in the United States. I'm looking for something in the 50mm range, similar to the Covey binders, but that can accommodate Filofax refills.

Many thanks

Seventh Hole...

Apart from flight manuals, I cannot think of any 50mm 6 ring binders. However all FC 'Classic' and some Dayrunners accept A5 pages. At a push you could add the seventh hole using a single hole punch.

Check at a big Barnes &

Check at a big Barnes & Noble store. They have a variety of binders in varied sizes available now. If you're in the Dallas area, I was at the Irving Mall and found lots of choices at the Barnes & Noble there.