WTB: Circa/Rolla Covers

So my creative side took over and redesigned my planner, leading it to take a turn for the metallic, which doesn't very well match the vibrant blue, orange, purple and green rollabind covers I currently have. I'm looking for either a plain black cover or something that would go great with metallic dividers (specifically gold and silver).

Not looking for leather or anything thick, just about the same thickness as the basic rolla covers I have (I have to stuff this thing into a bag crammed with books, a laptop, and other random items each day, I can't have anything thick... but I'd like to tell the difference between the cover and the dividers, and have it remain relatively sturdy when writing without a desk).

Please let me know if you have anything that would work! (If you have matching disks, that's all the better, but not totally necessary.)

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Forgot to mention I'm looking for Letter sized covers.