Notebooks & Notetaking

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Ubiquitous Data Capture Device v.1.0

I’ve created the UDCD, ‘Ubiquitous Data Capture Device’ for fast note-taking. Useful for days off, as it has no calendar. More durable than the PocketMod as it uses the well established index card base. UDCD v.2.0 in development and to be released soon. Photo at:


Has anyone tried M by Staples line of notebooks and journals?

I was wondering if anyone has tried any of the new Staples brand notebooks and journals. I'm eyeing the refillable journal jacket that's $20 (on sale now for I think $16) , but i want to know what the quality of the paper is. Also if it can be refilled by other paper, like a moleskine.

Which are the best paper quality for White/Blank index cards (3 x 5)

I like printing my templates on blank index cards. Ive tried Oxford index cards and they are HORRIBLE!!! The ink seeps through and the stock is very very soft. I tried Mead and thats probably the best cards ive tried [besides levenger]. The stock is great and the ink does not seep at all

Proud owner of Newton 2100

Notetaking skills

I have no clue how to T4!
I had never heard of it until recently being assigned to T4 a text book, if anyone is familiar with this method of note taking please help me!
thank you

Heckuva deal on Circa discs

Anyone else notice the Ebay listing? 1000 discs for $60????

Office Depot

Had to stop by Office Depot today - they have an incredible selection of fun and new products. Among those that caught my eye:

1) generic moleskins in all sizes. It's a bit of a downgrade - but same idea - various sizes with the nice rubber band thingy. No inside pocket. Nice paper.
2) Family calendar line - now these are cool - everything is color coded - every member of the family has a color - they had a fridge calendar, a planning center, all kinds of neat things, even a dry-erase message board with boxes in 5 different colors so that theoretically you could leave notes/reminders for your spouse and each of your kids.
3) Journals, journals - oh my - so many new types of bound books. Beautiful ones, plain ones, ruled, not ruled - all good paper and in three different sections of the store. I could have spent a paycheck on those alone
4) In the daytimer section they had a neat selection of "expandable" notebook covers - these would make great replacement Circa covers - I didn't take measurements, but looks like you could work with them for letter and junior - same idea as the Foldovers and Zipfolios, but way cheaper.

The Dangers of Leaving Your Notebook Lying About

This passage from "The Last Plantagenets" by Thomas Costain made me laugh. It's talking about King Henry VII of England, and the time frame is sometime between 1485 and 1500:

Being a believer in system, he kept a notebook with him and entered everything in it; what he had spent, what he had decided, who was to be punished and who rewarded, his private opinions of people and events. This was well known and all the officials of the state and all the nobles and servants at court walked in fear of what the well-thumbed book contained. One day, through some unusual lapse, he left the book carelessly about and someone saw that it fell into the hands of the pet household monkey. The result was that the pages were torn to pieces and scattered about the royal domain...

Moral of the story: Always guard your notebook, especially around monkeys!

Are rollabind notebooks as good as levenger?

I just visted the rollabind web site and they sure seem inexpensive. Only 5.95 for a junior size and 29.95 for a hole punch. It is a fabric cover. Does anyone know if the hole punches would be the same? I looked at Franklin Covey, but a tad more expensive. I know you get what you pay for, but I would like advice from someone who has tried both. Thanks for the advice.

Flip over the top notebook

Hi, Newbie here ...
I have been looking for a leather detectives type notebook. Ring bound at the top maybe 4X6 inches. Looked in law enforcement supplies but nothing. Any Ideas?

Acco-Wilson Jones® 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" Ring Binder, 2" round Ring,

I have read some requests of where to find a 3-ring 2" round ring classic size binder. This one is not very fancy, just plain black, but the price is good. Acco-Wilson Jones® 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" Ring Binder, 2" round Ring, Black
$7.39 each Office Depot Item # 178327. I hope this helps. Thanks.

Note taking for school

Hello everyone,

I have been a lurker for some time, and I finally took the plunge and created an account. The thought of having to remember another user name and password kept me at bay. Sounds silly I know, but they add up!

Okay...I am in grad school and frankly I am tired of carrying around a notebook...BUT...all handouts are in 8.5 x 11. I would like to use either 3x5 cards and develop a system or use the moleskine pocket notebooks to take notes. I get feelings of anxiety about going to this size because I am not sure how I would create a system how to remember where I put things - AKA cataloging the info. Now, I can over analyze things and really make it so complicated to myself that I abandon it altogether.
So, as you can read...I have put myself in a tizzy. Needless to say that I have spent the day trying to figure out what I like and not studying at all! I know I should try some things to see how it works for me..but I don't have that luxury since I will need to be able to get my fingers on whatever subject I need.

Help! Any other students out there that can relate and/or share what they have been doing and what works/doesn't work for them.

I have been to Pile of index cards and seen his set up. I also like the vertical system that Levenger has as well - but can't decide which one and I feel I have to commit totaly to one or the other!


Thank you!

Franklin-Covey now selling Rollabind notebooks and paper

I just got Franklin-Covey's Winter 2008 catalog today, and I was interested to see that they now sell Rollabind products. They have a leather planner and refills, simulated leather and bookcloth foldover notebooks, a translucent cover with rings, lined pages, and some accessories like page markers. These are all available in their classic size (with 8 rings) and monarch size (with 11 rings). The leather planner does come with a calendar, but it doesn't seem that the other notebooks come with any paper at all. No punch is available in the catalog.

They only show pictures of the classic size, and it appears that the spacing of the rings is different from the spacing on Levenger's Circa. The binders are cheaper, but the refills seem to be more expensive than Levenger. It doesn't appear that the two systems are interchangable, but you'd have to see them in person to be sure. If they aren't interchangable, then the Levenger punch wouldn't work for this system.

I think I'll stick with Levenger, but I was interested to see this.

NOTE: I just looked at the Franklin-Covey website, and they don't seem to have the Rollabind stuff on there yet.

More questions about Rolla

Hi, I'm a newbie at this, just getting into different organizing systems and planners. I love the idea of the Circa/Rolla type notebooks for planning and journalling my writing ideas. I just got a rolla notebook and some tabbed dividers to try out before I invested in Circa.

My problem is that I had to take paper out for it to close well with the dividers in it, and it is still a little stiff. It just doesn't hold much more than it comes with.

Is this a limitation of the system, or will the better quality Circa work better with several dividers and sufficient paper?

How to print 5.5 x 8.25

I have a terrible time trying to do my own templates and reducing down to 5.5 x 8.25

I work in Excel Can someone help with how they set up the size so when the print on letter size it will come out to the junior size?


Filofax A5 or Levenger Junior ? Recommendations?

First, I am new here. What a great place!

Secondly, I want to set up a notebook for everyday business use that includes contacts, appointments, todo's and note paper.


I use a BlackBerry and have contacts to print from Outlook, older contacts in Palm software.

I own a Levenger Junior and like that I can lay it flat, change page order, build with rings, etc. I own the Levenger hole punch, plus a few other Levenger folios.

I like the Filofax A5 quality very much, but would have to buy it, plus accessories and paper. I like the Filofax software, both address and print to file and really appreciate that it instructs you how to print duplex with a non-duplex equipped printer, which I have. Is there third party software that can do this for the Levenger Junior?

I have read that printing to the Levenger pre-punched paper is problematic, but suppose I could print and punch myself (the paper, not myself).

I travel a lot and lighter weight is always welcome.

Any on going cost advantages to one over the other?

Thanks very much for your thoughts!


Forum: In the UK: Atoma/Adoc versus Circa/Rollabind

Okay, I know I'm not the first person to be stuck on this decision. I think I need some user experience to help me out with my problem!

First, and potentially most important: has anyone used the Circa/Rollabind punch with A4 paper? I know it won't fit perfectly, but is it close enough to be functional? Oh, and do A4 papers noticeably stick out of letter-sized covers?

Second, has anyone printed directly on to the Atoma or Adoc paper? It mentions on both the Manufactum (Atoma) and Pegasus National (Adoc) websites that the paper is suitable for inkjet and laser printing. I can see myself offsetting the cost of the £85 Atoma hole punch by buying pre-punched paper and printing on to it, but I'm afraid the paper will jam, etc.

Third, how do people's experiences with paper quality from the different suppliers compare? I think other posters have suggested that Rollabind paper is of somewhat lesser quality than Circa. Does anyone have a similar comparison between Atoma and Adoc paper - or better yet, all four paper types?

Fourth, can anyone compare the strength/durability of the smurf types? That is, to my eye the Atoma/Adoc smurf type seems almost zipper-like and probably holds the paper in place well but might cause more folding/bending of the paper when it's removed and replaced. The Circa/Rollabind seems easier for replacement and removal, but maybe a bit less secure. I haven't seen either system in use, so I'm happy to be corrected by someone with some experience of both!

Thanks for your help!!

Found a new (to me anyway) product - Oxford Book Notes

I came across a new product in Office Max, Oxford Book Notes. They are 6"x4" cards with a preprinted template for taking book notes - title, author, chapter/page info, points, opinions, etc. Dd14 is going to circafy them to use for school. I checked the template section but didn't see anything similar here but it would sure be nice to be able to diy them since they were $1.79 for 25 cards.

The most dangerous time of the year

For those of you who are fans of Mead's Flex binders, I saw a two-hole student planner at the drugstore last night. I didn't measure it, but it looked about classic sized. The planner pages themselves were geared toward students and a bit busy. I thought the cover or planner pages might be usuful to some DIYer.

At Staples, I got two notebooks from a new line called EcoEasy (it is a Stable's Brand). The paper, which is made from parts of the sugarcane left over from the sugar extraction, is very thin. I tested and nether the fountain or the two roller ball pens had any bleed threw (I do use fine nibs/points). What really sold me is that the lines are tan colored. I got the composition book ($1) and a spiral notebook ($3). The spiral is nice because the cover is thick, no table or desk is needed to write in it. They also had filler paper.

A link in the notebook sent me here:

Stables EcoEasy

But the products in the store don't seem to be on the website :-(

Markings Notebooks at Big Lots

Hi all,

At my local Big Lots last night I found pocket-sized Markings Notebooks for $2.50 each. They're very similar to Moleskines (same size, covers, elastic strap, pocket in the back) with nice, smooth paper. They retail at Target, Barnes and Noble, and other stores for around $9, I think. I couldn't find a website for them, but I've found some blogs talking about them (e.g.: If you have a Big Lots near you, look in the school supply and notebook section.


difference between ciak and moleskine notebooks

I have started my diary (journal/private notes) in a medium ciak notebook. Normally I use spiral bound notebooks but fancied a change. I have a moleskine pocket notebook and week/page datebook. But with the ciak I am finding the spine quite stuff, its hard to keep the pages open. I have not noticed this on the pocket sized moleskines. I also find that there is hard to write on page 2 (erm not sure how to describe this - second side of the first page), as the spine is stiff there is too much of a height difference between the two halves of the book I end up using a paperback to even them out to lean on. I am not that far into the book so I am happy to move over now while its easier. The paper is quite thick so it is good for my ink pen.

Has anyone found this with moleskines, or does anyone use ciak and have a view?


cutting letter to circa junior size

How can I cut and punch Letter size down to Junior size Circa and get the pages to line up evenly in the Circa Junior cover?
One side the page is up high, the other side is lower. Sorry I am anal enough that it is bugging the hell out of me

Did anyone else see this?

I was looking at Levenger's website this morning and saw they have some new things listed. (They have some GORGEOUS new pens, but that isn't related to my question.) I swear I saw a new Circa notebook and refills listed with no pictures showing for either. They were a Circa steno pad and refills. They had disappeared off the website within a couple of hours.

I thought maybe they were in the process of adding them and they'd be available later today, but apparently not. Has anyone heard that Levenger is adding steno pads? Was it just a figment of my imagination?

Notetaking for law students

I'm starting law school next month and was wondering if there are any lawyers and/or law students in the DIYPlanner community who have used Circa for notetaking. I've been using Circa for work and personal stuff for several years and plan to continue using it while I'm in law school. Would love to learn how folks have organized their notes, outlines, etc.

7-Ring & 3-Ring

Call me fickle, but I'm thinking about using a 3-ring binder. Do seven-hole punched pages fit in three-ring binders? Thanks.

Pleasantly Surprised by Circa


I am new. I am also glad to have found a place where people take "working writing" seriously. It's been great browsing the templates and forums.

I saw Circa when it was introduced and thought it was a gimmick. I noticed that Levenger had Circa around for over a decade and still thought it was a gimmick. Reading the posts here, however, convinced me to spend $4.95 on an agenda book.

It came yesterday. I took it out of the wrapper, went upstairs, and threw it down the hallway to hit the wall on the far end, where it slid off the telephone table onto the floor.

I then picked it up by three or four open pages, so that the covers hung down on either side, and carried it to the top of the stairs. I tossed it high up, so that it crashed down on the stairs and slid to the bottom.

I picked it up by a cover and flung it from the landing down to the entry room floor, where it smacked into a bookshelf and hit the carpet.

Not one page came loose. A 3-ring would have been broken. I'm very impressed.

Business Notebook Suggestions?

Hi Everyone,

I've been looking for a LONG TIME now for the perfect organization/notebook system. Ideally, I'd like to combine a note-taking section with a to-do list and in my dream world, there would also be a phone message log....I've been using the Behance Action Book with some success. I'm not interested in a Moleskine or any other blank notebook option....

Does anyone have any suggestions??



Better Filler Paper from Mead

For those of you who like standard American school "filler" paper, Mead makes a really nice reinforced version that's better quality than the usual stuff. There's also quad paper. I have both kinds. And, amazingly, I can write on them with my fountain pen with no bleed-through. (Lamy Vista extra-fine point, loaded with Levenger Amethyst ink.) If I hold the page up to the light, I can barely make out the writing on the other side. It's nice.

The "reinforced" part is the glossy strip down the left side. Keeps the page from tearing out of binder rings easily. The only problem is that the strip says "reinforced" on it in very light red and could annoy some people. I'm not really bothered by it, though.

I'm impressed with the paper quality. It's the best filler paper I've ever run across. My Lamy Vista likes it, as does my Pilot G2 Pro (XF blue refill).

I got both the college-ruled and quad paper at my local Office Depot, in the Flex NoteBinder display. (And I'm still digging my NoteBinder, by the way. Awesome toy. Uh, notebook. I'm using it daily for my studies, plus taking notes in it on books I'm reading.)

The MSRP is $4.95 a pack (100 count for the quad, 110 for the college-ruled). Definitely a little more expensive than most filler paper, but I think the quality's worth it.

Circa Compact

Can anyone comment on how the Circa covers (Zip Folio, Foldover, and Jacket) fit the Compact size? I have the Junior Agenda and the Zipfolio, as someone mentioned in another post, is a good 33-50% bigger than the agenda so it cuts down on the portability significantly. I keep my new Compact Agenda in my purse -I'd like to put it in something nicer than the plastic covers, but don't want to end up with the same issue I have with my Junior.

Thanks in advance!

Does anyone have the bookcloth Circa notebooks from Levenger?

I've got a couple of them, and I just noticed the corners on my letter-sized notebook is starting to fray. I've only owned it about 3 months, and the notebook has been used very gently. It's never been taken out of the room, and it spends most of its time stored on a shelf.

Do any of you have them? Have you had problems with them? Maybe I just got a lemon...

anyone tried c.over notebooks?

I have just spotted c.over notebooks online. They seem to allow you to refill (like mood notebooks) but you can have upto 3 refills. So you could have the diary refill (whole year = 2 refills) plus one or two other refills. There is a choice of covers that seems to go from about £10 to very expensive. Anyone tried or seen these about?

Those Mead binder notebooks

Have you guys seen these? They're basically 3 ring binders where the cover folds around to the back like a Circa notebook. I've seen them in the school supplies at the drugstore. I want one, but I doubt I'd actually use it because all my school stuff's in Circa notebooks at this point. Still, they look cool. Brilliant idea on the part of Mead. I would have loved one back in high school.

Traditional three ring binder vs circa

Levenger's CIRCA notebooks are pretty cool and one thing that is touted as cool is that yuo can remove pages and re-arrange pages. Here's the thing: you can also do that with three ring binders that we probably all used in school. So what is the deal about Circa?

Second, who wathces Law and Order Criminal Intent? The male detective has a three ring notebook that he uses a lot. Does anyone know what kind it is and where I could get one like it?


Note formats

How do you categorise and sort your notes in your notebooks?
I keep two notebooks for work right now - one keeps an orderly, daily account of the tasks I should do and the tasks I did.
The other is a notebook for general notes, and here I employ a variety of formats to keep my notes separate and well-defined.

For one, I highlight my phone numbers in yellow; it was a major pain to find a particular number when I had to do it snappy.

After I finish a note, I tend to put a line across the page for it, just to keep things from mixing. I am not a big fan of coloured ink when it comes to quick jotting down of orders, so it can be a little hard to differentiate unless I kept them in their separate lined cages.

As well as doing that, I put a highlighted-green date on the top left corner of the page so I can find my way around.

I am still figuring out a satisfactory way for adding information to an older note. So far I resorted to using loose sheets of paper to include more information there, but it's a hassle, since I always keep those in the office, they're not always with me. Leaving space seems wasteful to me...
I thought maybe I could leave an index at the back, like I did with my old school notes, and refer to the subject, leave a number, then come back to it to add more numbers when there's a follow up.

So, I want to hear your know-hows in the noting department!

Moleskine Volant

Moleskine fans might like to know about the Moleskine Volant that seem to be quite new out.

They come in extra small, pocket and large sizes.

What's different?

Well they're a bit like cahiers but have lovely coloured jacket rather than traditional moleskine black or the brown cahier finish.

The colours are black (can't give it up completely), blue, pink and green. They come in packs of two with two shades of green, blue etc.

The extra small is 10.5cm x 6.5cm and all the pages have a perforation. This is the gem of the collection for me as it really does fit in any pocket!

The pocket size and large have perforations on the last 16 pages. They come in lined or plain.

Of course they are overpriced and you pay extra for colour and perforation but they are very tempting ( particularly for female notebook junkies I suspect.

Filler Paper--Heavier Bond

I'm looking for narrow ruled filler paper (notebook paper) but I'm looking for it in 28 or 32 lb bond (at least something heavier than 16 or 20lb). Has anyone ever seen anything like this?

My wife is a teacher and for some of her students headed to college we are going to make them journals with a personal touch. In the English class my wife teaches they have been doing their journals on normal filler paper, so we figured it would be a small joke to make their journals with filler paper.

I've used some of the forms that you can get off the internet to print my own, but it got me thinking and wondering: "Did someone make this already?" I did some Googling (See Ygor I've been listening!!) and couldn't really find anything that was already lined and heavier than 16lb.

If you can think somewhere that might do custom printing like what I'm looking for let me know as well. I'd rather spend the time and effort building and personalizing the journal as opposed to printing out paper for it, so I'm willing to spend a buck or two on this part.

Thanks all

Neat Cover for Notebook


The Japanese Firefox blog Foxkeh dot com puts out an amazing desktop for each month for download. I've been pasting a copy on the cover of my datebook notebook every month for a while and it sure cheers things up! Just occurred to me that others might like the idea. You can dl as .jpg as from the view. I put in my graphics program to fit to the size of my notebook then print, trim and tape it on. At the end of the month, I dl and get one ready for the next month while getting the desktop. Attached is June. Get it at


Hey - they haven't advertised it yet - but the big sale must have just started - stocked up on jr/letter agendas at 4.95 each and compact at 2.95 each. Other stuff on sale too. Plus, 20% coupon code still working.

difference between circ, rolla, levenger and atoma?

Is there anywhere that explains what the difference between these systems are? I know some do hole punches. Who do people choose one over the other? I am in the UK so I cannot see them IRL and have to decide by web pages.


"Cheaper" High Quality Paper

So I love my Circa, but can't justify the expensive paper. What cheaper options do you guys use for high quality writing paper?

Giving up Circa

If I give up on Circa/disc binding, do I have to give up my DIYPlanner membership?


Levity aside, have any of you tried using Circa because it looks so seductive, then realized that it just wasn't meshing for you? I don't know if I'm quite ready to put my gear on the bazaar, but the punch sitting in its box in my floor looks so lonely.

My most recent endeavor was top-bound 3x5. I had been using the index cards in a pocket protector but found that I didn't like writing on them in the PDA format because I never could find the one card out of 25 or so that I needed. I could use it for an inbox, but then I'm left with carrying that plus something else.

Summer is coming on and I find that I have too many things in my pockets. As a woman, you'd think I could just toss the extras in my purse -- I hate carrying a purse. When I'm ready to go, I'm ready to go. And if I can leave anything behind, like my son's diaper bag that lives mostly in the truck, I will.

Rolla paper pops out of rolla bookcloth and circa. Circa paper is expensive but the DIY route didn't work too well either. Cutting is laborious, plus it bothered me that the plastic tabs of my sections stuck out past the edges of my junior cover.

I might try again -- bring everything to work and use it for my project tracking, though I'm leaning toward 4x6 index cards for that. The 3x5s were a good start, just not enough room.

I don't know -- I guess I'm just wondering if I'm alone in feeling like the system isn't all that its cracked up to be. Like writing in a moleskine pocket cahier -- it should work, but everything looks so junky in there.

Circa Presentation Portfolio

Has anyone tried this new product from Levenger? You can find pictures/description from their web site by clicking on the "What's New" link on their home page. It looks to me like I could swap out their 1/4 inch discs for maybe 1/2 inch discs, but it would be a really tight squeeze. At $16USD for 4 portfolios, I think they would make great project notebooks, especialy since I DIY my own notepaper anyway. Any feedback is appreciated.

Levenger Catalog

SO I got my new levenger catalog yesterday and noticed on the back (has it always been there???) that you can get a free circa notebook if you visit a physical store? Anyone done this? Anyway, I thought I'd write customer service and see if they might like to provide us with a coupon code for something like this seeing as most of us live nowhere near a store yet spend gazillions of dollars on the stuff. If there is a new levenger person watching this thread - perhaps they'll consider?

Making Your Own Pads of Paper

I just successfully used the method described below to create my own pad of paper. It's cheap, easy and fast!

On the downside, the website where I originally saw this is now charging $7.00 for their instructions. On the upside, I'd copied them into Evernote long ago, when they were free. On the downside, I don't have their nice pictures to show how it's done. On the upside, it's easy enough that simple descriptions will be enough. Believe me, this will take longer to describe than to do, and if needed, I can take photos and load them later.

I also didn't follow the instructions exactly, more about what I did different at the end.

What you'll need:

Stack of paper
Cardboard pad backing (optional)
Clipboard (optional)
Gorilla Glue
Cotton ball or cotton cosmetic pad

Woodworking clamps and a length of thin wood longer than the edge to be bound
*-*-* or *-*-*
Straight table edge and a heavy flat weight (like a telephone book)

Note: I needed the cardboard backing because my pad slips into a portfolio. Not having anything handy, I trimmed down a double thickness of file folder and used that. It's big enough to slip into the slot of my portfolio and hold the pad securely.

1. Get the paper and cardboard backing nice and even along the edge to be bound.

I was able to use a clipboard to hold the paper, leaving the edge to be bound hanging over the side of the clipboard by about 1/2 inch (1.25 cm or so). Next, I clamped a length of 1x2 wood across the paper, along the edge of the clipboard, to hold the paper tight for binding. The idea is to compress the edge of the stack together before applying the glue.

Alternately, you can carefully place the stack of paper on the edge of a flat surface, leaving that same sort of overhang. Put a heavy book on it, right along the edge of the table, to hold the edge of the stack tight.

2. Take a wet cotton ball and run it along the edge of the paper to be bound. It doesn't have to be dripping, but make a couple of passes to make sure it's damp.

3. Squeeze the cotton ball dry, then apply some Gorilla Glue to the cotton ball and run that along the edge of the paper. Give it a couple of careful swipes to make sure you get the entire length. You don't need much glue!

4. Take a nap. Oh wait, that's me. You can just do something else for an hour or so.

5. All done! When you unclamp/remove the heavy book/whatever clever thing you did, you'll find that you now have a pad of paper! I test tore a sheet free from mine, and it seems to work pretty well. Perhaps a bit of care when removing a sheet to prevent tearing the paper, because that Gorilla Glue is strong.

I now have a beautiful pad of Cornell-style gridded note paper, with my name printed in the upper corner of each sheet. And now that I know this works, I can do it with some better quality paper too.

I spent less than $5.00 for the glue, and if I only use it for this it'll be a near lifetime supply.

The original site recommended building a simple jig to hold the paper straight. It was basically a flat board with two short pieces of wood attached at 90 degree angles, and two holes near the edge so that you could use bolts and wingnuts to clamp the paper tightly. If I find myself doing this often for a particular size, I'll probably knock one together, or figure out how to make it somewhat adjustable for a couple of sizes (like sheet and half-sheet).

Have fun.

Circa pads from Levenger

Circa-punched pads! New! Squee! I want!

(Coherence to return soonish. I hope.)

Bible Style Leather Journals
I don't have this but have one ordered.

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Circa Planner Compact vs. Junior

Hi all!
My first post (yay, lol)! I'm just wondering what you all like/use? I'd like something portable without being too small and I'm considering using a leather zip folio over the organizer so that I can "dock" my Hipster as well as hold loose cards. Anyone have any thoughts on the Junior or Compact size Levenger planers with the leather zip folio? Thanks so much!

cool photo albums for 3x5 or 4x5 cards, and a question about flip pages

Hi everyone, I just wanted to mention i just bought several 4x6 photo 'books' at Walgreens last night. Each holds 36 index cards, (4x6 or 3x5 cards). Each has a great poly-vy cover in a groovy color: a great lime, a bright coral, a bright violet, a dark green, and a turquoise

they were on sale for $1.50 each down from 1.99. A couple were .99 for they had a slightly bent page inside.

some have a see through pocket on the back page for putting extra cards

the cards load from the top and are sealed on the other three sides

I just put some labels on the spines: they are 'perfect bound' spines (squared off instead of rounded or folded), so they stand on shelf, spine out, labeled, and ready to be loaded or consulted

I am currently using mine (about 12 of them) to keep all 3x5 cards belonging to each of the top projects I'm working on in one discrete binder each. (I hope that made sense, I think the grammar is somehow 'off' in that sentence)

They are so lightweight and so portable and so simple, I can take it anywhere without hassle. Fits in purse, in glove box, anywhere.

I bog down at having to drag around a binder or zippered binder with rings, or even a circa for just writing/ keeping notes. If need be, as project grooooooowwwwwwwwwsss I can transfer cards to circa later.

I also hear Walmart has maybe this kind of photo album. Worth checking out.

I've also been looking for cascading or flip photo albums to tear out the pages and make my own, /// I'd orient for 3x5 vertically.... (all I've seen are horizontal orientations). I could also use cascading see-thru pages if they were about 6x5 (never heard of that size but one can always hope) and if so, one could put two 3x5 index cards in each page.

If you hear something on that let me know, ok?


anyone know about FLIPDEX.Com


does any body have an info on or how to access them? The poster said they had cool 3x5 items and i'd sure like to see them, esp the holders for display of 3x5s flipdex is supposed to have

i dont find cached pages for them either. help?

maybe they're like the flying dutchman or something. lol



""have been changed to FLIPDEX and can be found at The website is down as of 4/22/08. I called and they told me it would be up again by the end of next week (4/30/08?)."

Printing favor?

I'm trying to make a letter-size page with three compact Circa size pages on it, to take to the print shop to be copied and cut. (I hate Levenger's paper, and this is the only thing I can think of to give me compact size pages.)

Unfortunately, I don't have access to a printer. So I was wondering if one of my fellow planner geeks could print the file and make sure everything lines up okay when the pages are printed to both sides of a sheet of paper.

If it works I'll contribute the pages to the template directory so anyone can use them. I'm attaching the OOo Draw file as well as the PDF, but if you test print it for me print from the PDF because that's what will go to the print shop.