Notebooks & Notetaking

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Levenger 25% off $50 min


good throung Monday, Nov 29th.

Looking for circa / rollabind notebook that is held shut

I'm a circa user but need to find a good notebook to contain all my medical records / reports as I go from doc to doc. Ideally it would zip, but the levenger folios are too heavy. Will be using 3/4" or 1" discs. I don't need the discs to be incorporated in the notebook / folio .. could just slide my circa cover into a pocket. Any good / interesting suggestions? I had bought the broadcloth circa which had an elastic band, but the band stretched out over time and the broadcloth stained easily.

Has anyone here owned a Levenger Circa Master Folio? The thick one.

I am curious if anyone has owned the Circa notebook that can fit 1.5 inch discs? I am thinking of getting one for my home/food organizer for next year but I can find very little feedback on them when googling. I would love you opinions, thanks!

A magazine dedicated to Journal, Planner and Stationery

I introduce a magazine published in Japan.

The magazine is titled "Note & Diary Style Book"

There are articles about journals, diaries and plannners in the magazine.
It is exactly what the title says it is.

New product introduction, review, comparing, The most of articles are interesting.

Rollabind durability?

Do you find that your Rollabinds hold up to regular use? I am planning on getting one of the new Arc notebooks for use for a reference-type purpose, but Im not sure the paper will hold up to frequent use. I pulled out an old Staples Rolla notebook I have had lying around, opened it up, and wow, the little tabs are starting to get bent up and such already--going to be falling off the rings soon. mind you, I've hardly used this notebook--I doubt I've opened it 20 or 30 times.

So now, of course, I'm doubtful that the paper's going to hold up to the frequent flipping-through that this book I'm making will require. But the Arc notebook is the only option I can think of that would work for me as I want to be able to move pages around/add easily, etc. (a ring binder is not an option...too clunky [a binder always has more width than you need], too big [I want the junior size Arc, not the full-size]...and inelegant to boot).

(I know I can get page reinforcements from the Rollabind site, but yow they're expensive--I'd been needing a LOT of them, I think--and I can't see me sitting there trying to line up all the little notches on the strips with the notches on the paper. I'd probably kill myself after about three, or the first time I messed it up and didn't get it lined up right. If I had one of the punches I'd just reinforce the edges with strips of Scotch tape and re-punch, but the punches are bloody expensive too)

Is my old book just a fluke and I can think perhaps I've mistreated it somewhere along the way and not realized it (though heaven knows I'd like my new one to hold up to rattling around in bags and such if need be) you find your Rollas hold up to frequent use?

Good Grief !

First Pac-Man, now Peanuts Moleskine !

Here's a newsletter link from MoleskineUS about the same products.

Staples Arc (Rollabind) Notebooks

They have arrived on the web site.
Search for "arc".
They are available online now.
They are due to be available in stores on Dec 28th.
They are part of the Staples "M" line.
There are L E A T H E R ones available for $ 14.99 (letter size).
The leather ones are only 3 dollars more than the vinaly ones they were testing previously.
$14.99: Watch out, Levenger.

What do you think about our Leather-bound Journals

My friend makes leather-bound journals by hand.

We started to sell them to worldwide.
Please tell me what you think about our works.
In particular, about size and number of pages.

Our journals come in 3 sizes.

Model 216
•Handmade in Japan
•Goatskin cover(Black, Brown)
•High quality Paper 'Tomoe River'(Ruled, Plain)
•Acid free Materials(Papers, Glue, Sewing thread etc.)
•Open flat
•Bookmark ribbon
•216 pages, H135mm*W79mm*D12mm
Model 216 is smaller in width than Model 288

Model 288
•Handmade in Japan
•Italian cow hide cover(Black, Brown)
•High quality Paper 'Tomoe River'(Ruled, Plain)
•Acid free Materials(Papers, Glue, Sewing thread etc.)
•Open flat
•Bookmark ribbon
•Elastic closure
•288 pages, H135mm*W90mm*D14mm
Standard pocket size

Model 336
•Handmade in Japan
•Goatskin cover(Black, Brown)
•High quality Paper 'Tomoe River'(Ruled, Plain)
•Acid free Materials(Papers, Glue, Sewing thread etc.)
•Open flat
•Bookmark ribbon
•336 pages*1, H177mm*W112mm*D16mm

Arc Notebook Sneak Peek


Check out what Staples is working on... Take a look at the 'Arc Notebook' at This Link.

Could be cool...



Would you believe Moleskine Pac-Man ?
Check out the video. Very cute.

Tom Bihn Field Journal Notebook

A Classic size which hold 8-1/2" x 5-1/2" paper.

3 premium, environmentally friendly papers to choose from, Harbor 100 60# from Gray's Harbor Paper in Grid or College ruled and Crane's Crest 24# 100% Cotton Paper.

The notebook itself is a 3 ring binder made of U.S. 1000d and 500d Cordura with water resistant zippers.

I see it as a great alternative to leather organizers.

I can see myself get 3 of the 7 colors: Conifer, Crimson, Plum, Navy, Black, Steel, and Cocoa.

I don't work for Tom Bihn but own several of their bags with much satisfaction.

I was feeling Autumnal....

...and decided to dress my Circa up for the season. A couple of 59 cent 12x12 scrapbook papers (from Michael's), some guillotining and punching later, and this was the result (see attached photos). I cut the flyleaves to 6 x 8.5 and put them under the plastic covers, and it seems to be working just fine. Except now I need to go to rollobind and order some translucent orange discs to match....

FREE Rollabind Junior Size Notebook

Don't know how long this will be going on as a promotion but the newly redesigned Rollabind site is offering to send you a free book for only the cost of shipping ($5.95). Here's the link to their site:

If you've ever wanted to try one of their notebooks, here's a good chance to get one pretty cheap!

DIY Circa covers

I just took one of my stretchy book covers (Jumbo) and put it on the Junior Std size Circa (3/4" discs). It fits pretty well, only a tiny bit of outlining of the discs, no real stretching (I put my pinky in and felt very little force). I sewed a loop of sewing elastic onto the inside edge, and voila, perfect cover. I also picked apart the stitches in the middle (top and bottom), so the fabric falls over the inside edges of the covers, somewhat protecting them. I'm thinking of using a ribbed knit material to sew a cover for the letter-sized notebook now.

Levenger Circa blank refills?

Dear DIYers,

Every year I buy a new planner and every year, I throw it out two months later. I think you know how the rest of this song goes. This year I'm throwing off the yoke and buying a Circa. Or plan to. What's holding me up is that I can't find blank Circa refill sheets anywhere. I'm loathe to punch standard office stock b/c 1) the puncher's expensive and 2) there have been complaints that it just doesn't fit as well as the Levenger-punched sheets. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks!

classic size 3 ring binder for sale...

On ebay number 200479017991 is for a box of new 3-ring binders with clear-vu plastic. It is for 5-1/2 by 8-1/2 paper. It has 1 and 1/2" round rings. However, they come in a case of 12 for 20.00. But maybe he could be talked into selling them in a lesser amount. Just thought someone else might need a large ring notebook.

Also, number 140402417878 on ebay looks good. It is a 3 ring classic size but with 1/2" rings.

Moleskin at Borders

Moleskins...Borders...On Sale.

Found at Boston branch, was in my NJ branch full price before, so possibly at many locations. for those of you that like them, you should totally go to your local store, avoid the shipping!
Of course, these are the cheaper kinds, paper covers and small sizes. I esp. like the tiny one, so cute.

Is Komtrak compatible with any cheaper punches?

I got a Komtrak sketchbook in a lot I won on ebay. I love the notebook and flexibity of it. I'm curious if any of the GBC punches are compatible with this system? I found contradictory info on google. Some people say yes while others say no. I'm curious if any of you have any experience with this system and can shed some insight on it? Thanks for your help!!

circa/rollabind help

I purchased a rollabind notebook at stapels so i could try the system. LOVE IT!! I purchased a few items from levenger as well. Now here is my problem... When i try to put the rollabind paper on the circa disc everything wants to stick and i can't flip through pages easily. When i put the levenger paper on rollabind disc everything works great. I thought it was supposed to be interchangable. Does anyone else have this problem?

Rollabind at target

Does anyone know if target still carries the rollabind line?

Do It Now journal by Pat Croce

I was in a Barnes & Noble yesterday and saw a notebook/journal called "Do It Now" by Pat Croce. You can see the inside of it at amazon.

Each 2-page spread has a section for action plan, reminders, follow up keys, follow up names and numbers, follow up action items and notes. It looks like a variant of GTD and some other checklist type approaches to organizing your things to do. Has anyone ever used this journal? If so, what were the pros and cons to the system? I didn't see any templates here with a similar set up and I may try to make one myself in OO in my copious spare time. If I get it done I'll post it but would like some feedback from users if there is any. I already searched the archives and didn't see any relevant forum topics but it is possible I missed something. I frequently don't have all that much luck with google searches either.

Levenger - NEW "Un-Tab Notebook"

Thought this was interesting....|Level=2|pageid=7421

Filofax sale (one item of each kind left) on a website

I am not affiliated with the retailer who also own the web site below.

It looks like he is clearing out his Filofax inventory so I just thought I'd share.

Items are in the middle of page one.

Ygor you can remove the post if you think it is inappropriate.

Moleskine and Rhodia now selling at Levengers

Link and link

But you can get them cheaper here and here. Probably less shipping cost, too.

MiquelRuis Notebooks at Target

I found MiquelRuis notebooks at Target.

There are two aisles of binders and planners and it is on the opposite side of the 365 Covey/Target planners.

They have 8 multicolor lined tabbed page junior notebook and 5 multicolor lined page junior and letter size notebook all with plastic cover and wire bound.

They also have the small cardboard Noted notebook in a pack of 2, I forgot to check if it was lined or square ruling.

They also have Jordi Labanda Lifestyles notebooks in letter size.

I felt the paper of all the wired notebooks and it is very smooth.

They do not have any notepads.

Levenger Discontinued PDA-Sized Circa Notebooks and Refill Cards

Man, am I bummed! I check Levenger's web site regularly to see what is on sale, as that is about the only way I could afford to buy their supplies anymore. Levenger has become very much more expensive in the last few years. I had Website Watcher configured to check the prices of refills for my Levenger products daily so I would get an email alert whenever something I use goes on sale - or actually anytime the price changes. But I started getting error messages from the watch I had on the Levenger PDA-size refill packs of cards. As you all probably know their "PDA" size is simply 3x5 index card size but lined vertically and pre-punched for Circa use at the top on the shorter side. When I checked their site to see why I was getting the error alerts I could no longer find any Circa PDA-size notebook covers or refill cards. I wrote to ask why and received a reply saying they no longer carry them.

This really sucks! I mean, after selling, oh, about a million or so of the PDA-size leather notebooks they just discontinue selling the refill cards? I didn't look any further but I am certain that they either have or will shortly come out with something to replace the PDA products. And it won't be compatible with any of the notebooks they sold previously of course.

I guess I can print my own cards but it won't be that easy to get the lines correct. Plus I'll have to punch the Circa holes myself - I have a Rollabind full-size punch and a Levenger PDA-size Circa punch but neither can punch many cards at one time. So the printing, cutting, and punching will be a major task and probably need to be done monthly. I already do that for any specialized sheets that I either got here at DIY Planner or customized from a DIY Planner template. I have the Dynamic Templates program but it isn't easy to make them on that; it can only make one 3x5 card at a time and I print them on Letter paper and guillotine-cut them. I have been trying to create a full letter-sized page full of cards that I can then cut up on the guillotine cutter but I Haven't had much success. All the programs I try it with seem to want to add borders or frames around the cards so I cannot fit them on a page correctly.

Does anyone know of another source for similar vertically-lined 3x5 cards in bulk? I used to buy a few packs at Levenger when they had sales - they used to sell packs of 300 that would sometimes be on sale for $19.99 or even $14.99, but that's all gone now.



Multi notebooks?

Hi im wondering if you notebook fiends can help me out - I'm looking for a pretty notebook which is A5 and has mutli styles of paper in - i.e plain, lined maybe squared and I cant seem to find one anywhere? Any help? When I say pretty I just mean a nice design logo or pattern on the front.... I cant seem to locate one and i know this is DIY planner but i wouldnt know where to start putting my own together as i dont really want a ring binder that opens and shuts i just want a spiral bound, pretty notebook with multi-paper in it (and relatively thick - like myself! hahaha) Any ideas?! I feel the urge to splurge and it has to be on a notebook - nothing else will satisfy my craving mwahahahahahaha

Trent Hamm in his blog on Notetaking

In his blog 'The simple Dollar' Trent posted an article about his way of notetaking:
I found it very interesting, so I recommend it to the audience.

Have fun

Cute Bookmarks for Serious Readers. On Sale!

Thanks to this site, I have poked my nose back into Levenger website.

Big Mistake!

Those cute beyond words bookmarks are on sale, go get them. :)

I am not working for Levenger and my budget is on a diet but I thought I share the bargain.

If I were near a retail store, I would get one or 2 sets but with shipping, no way.

I love cute little bookmarks like that.

No link. When I do insert a link the site thinks I am a spammer and looses the whole post.

Alternatives to Slim Wallet writer (Levenger) - business card sized pocket briefcase

I recently got myself a couple of index card holders (3x5) like the Buxton Note jotter etc, that holds index cards but realized that at work I don't always have pockets on the shirt hence it becomes too big to carry in the pant pocket.

I am looking for an alternative to Slim wallet writer from Levenger...(leather preferred) reason is that I'm in Canada and its impossible to get any such products here (spent 2 weeks going everywhere looking for 3x5 note card holders, so with shipping, all those items are very expensive. Looking for something that probably is the size of business card jotter holder. I have some amazing small pens i got from promotional items.....(1 or so cm longer than credit card :D)

Even my 3x5 notecard jotters were ordered from online sellers who were offering free shipping, so i still paid a lot than what you would pay in US...

Does anyone have any suggestions to finding a cheaper alternative? I have to factor in shipping too...


DIY Forms for Writers

I've been making all kinds of custom pages for my Circa notebooks, particularly for my writing. If there's any interest in them, I'll be glad to post the templates.

So far, I've got:

- Scene Builder - for putting together those foggy images of random scenes for particular novels or just scene ideas in general.

- Problem Scenes - for pinning down what's wrong with a scene and evaluating whether or not you really need it.

- Stall Solvent - for those tricky spots that you're not sure what to do with, including space for noting how to get from the scene or segment before to the one after. Also space to note what needs to happen to accomplish what you want to accomplish with this scene or segment.

- Organizational Manuscript Planning Fold-Out - this is probably something that only I would need, but could be useful for those who want to consider using an organizational manuscript for planning your novel. (I HAVE to do this or I would STAY lost in my own writing.)

I'm sure I'll keep coming up with more. I've also started using a Cornell/annotation-style format for editing.

Again, if there's any interest in this, let me know and I'll post the templates. They're nothing fancy, but I always pretty-up my pages with 30% tint background images. They're all done in Word using tables because I know more of what I'm doing with that than other programs.

F.Y.I. - Staples Rolla - Found - Rollabind Punch?

I was traveling through a neighboring city yesterday and stopped by a staples along the road ...

Found the Staples Rolla notebooks there.

Letter size - black - faux leather with 70 sheets lined paper, pocket and tabbed devider - $11.99

Junior size - black and brown - faux lether - same things inside. - $5.99

I asked for a punch - and the clerk said that they have one that will punch 2-7 holes, but not in the store ... kind of funny when the junior takes 8 holes and the letter 11?

I wonder if the rollabind punch will work with these. As I got to looking at the discs for the junior they are rollabind discs. Stamped with rollabind binding system and 3/4" inside measurement? The pages on the junior just say rolla in the bottom corner.

On the letter size, the discs have no markings, but the junior pages interchange just fine. The letter size pages have "rollabind", with trade mark printed on the bottom corner.

Has anyone tried these with the rollabind punch? The letter size discs had no markings at all.

Anyways ... I have attached a few pics for reference ... with part numbers :-).

Wanted: Levenger Circa Compact!

So I've discovered that Levenger is no longer selling the high-quality leather or book cloth versions of their compact size, and I desperately want to update mine from the frosted plastic cover I'm currently using...

I'll DIY it if I need to, but would love to know if anyone has some of the Levenger stuff lieing around they'd like to unload or sell!

Circa Rollabind Adoc Atoma

Hi all.

I am a new member from the UK on a mission to have the best of both worlds as I plan my new planner system (please forgive any typos ... My fingers are too big for the iPhone keypad)

OK. Here are my initial thoughts ideas and questions

Since I would like to use A4 with circa, I need to accomodate the extra length of A4
Q1 if you punch 11 holes with a circa desk punch onta an A4 sheet. Can you then flip the paper over and re-punch AND get a perfect matchup and twelve perfect holes?

Q2 if I use a circa desk punch, can this punch through the plastic cover material / binder cover? ... thus allowing me to possibly make my own A4 cover

Q3 can anyone from the UK spread any light on examples of recent shipping charges when buying direct from Levenger?

Q4 can anyone now confirm whether or not the new and better desk punch is now being sold by Levenger ?

Q5 does anyone in the UK have a source of where to buy reams of letter size paper?

Q6 Does anyone have any working solutions that use a combination of Adoc/Atoma with Levenger?

Q7 has anyone ever repunched any Levenger accesories/inserts to use in an Adoc/Atoma system?

Well guys, just a few starter questions to help me in my quest. Any contributions very welcome !

Kind regards, Bryn (North Wales)

New from Behance

I just found these new notebooks at Behance. An "Action Cahier" and an "Action Journal".

The Cahier looks exactly like a moleskine cahier in both size, paper weight, and the little "non-folder" on the back flap. The goodies are inside... Left side of page is the light dot grid of Behance and the right is the Action squares. I purchased the teal, but it comes in orange as well. All pages are perforated for easy removal.

The Journal is 6X8". Inside left page is the dot grid again. Right page is the full Action Sheet of Behance (action squares, more dot grid and the backburner square). All pages are perforated for easy removal. The back flap contains a very nice expanding pocket.

Pictures in the DIYPlanner pool at Flickr:

Behance Web site:

Just thought I would share my lastest find!

nay nay

NEW Levenger Compact Compendium Kit

I know a lot of you DIYers out there love the Circa Compact so I just wanted you to know that Levenger has a new Compact Compendium on their website.
For $20 (a $75 value) you get elements to create up to five compact Circa notebooks plus accessories.
• 5 sets of front-and-back translucent covers
• 35 3/4-inch Circa discs in black, enough for 5 notebooks
• 300 white ruled sheets
• 300 white grid sheets
• 5 plastic business card holders, each with 4 card pockets
• 2 sets of 5 Multicolored Plastic Tab Dividers, in soft shades of blue, green, brown, tan and violet
• Smooth, sturdy 60 lb text stock
• Compact paper, 3 3/4 x 6 3/4
• Compact covers, 4 1/8W x 7H

Enjoy all ~

Rolla at Franklin Covey - refill paper on sale on the web site

Last year I picked up a beautiful (IMHO) bright pink bookcloth classic size Rollabind notebook at Franklin Covey. I looked at a FC store on a recent trip and they had no Rollabind supplies or notebooks left at all. I check the FC web site and they only have one Rollabind product left - the classic sized ruled paper. It is on sale for $2.99 (regular price $6.95). It looks like FC may be backing off the Rollabind products.

I'm glad I got my spiffy cover when I did as I love the color and totally repurposed it this year to be my organizer. I replaced the small disks with 1.5 inch disks, printed my monthly and weekly pages from Outlook on my color printer so I have my appts all color coded, then added stray pages and plastic sheet protectors/photo pages/etc. that I picked up in a mixed pack at Levenger a long time ago. To separate the sections in my organizer I used hard plastic basic notebook covers from Levenger. I have a bunch of them from the year-end organizer clearance sale two years ago when the organizers went on sale for just a couple of dollars each. They provide a nice hard smooth surface when writing. It makes the organizer a bit thick but well worth it to have a good writing surface. I have found that my monthly pages need to be in card stock - the smurfs just took too much of a beating and wore out within a week or so of flipping pages. The weekly pages are in 28 lb and work find since they don't get flipped back and forth as much as the monthly pages do.

One Giant Notebook... or a handful of little ones???

Okay, so my life is rapidly expanding before my eyes, between additional projects at home & huge growth in responsibility & projects at work.

I used to have the following system:
a 'classic' size (5.5 x 8.5) levenger circa 'diary / agenda,' where I keep the pages I use to schedule things and document them, both personal & professional. I have a good system of syncing this with my google calendar to keep in touch w/ the many changes going on in my life!

and a 'compact' (3.75 x 6.75) levenger circa 'brain dump / list manager,' that is where I keep grocery / to-do lists, and where my random thoughts for the day go until they are sorted into either the google calendar, the notebook, or done.

I've recently started journalling heavily again and sketching, so the large notebook is full to the gills. Then I took on a huge new project that is note-heavy and I literally couldn't put one more page in the big notebook, so I gave it it's own 'classic' size notebook. I've also taken on being more productive, and have had a lot more ideas / notes / thoughts, so I'm going through many pages a day in my 'compact,' notebook & need to have it constantly at hand.

I realized how completely out of control this was when I went to a job meeting this morning and had to bring all three notebooks! I'm loosely considering sticking w/ classic, but going way up in disc size (I currently use 1" in the main notebook & 1/2" in the other two) and having a single notebook.


Moleskine clone, 3x5?

Hello, anyone knows if there is a Moleskine clone somewhere that is exactly 3x5 (index card/hipster)? I have always wanted to try a pocket sized one, but they simply do not fit on any of my shirt pockets at the 3.5 X 5.5 size.


scrapbook rings for diy 3-ring notebook

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to come up with the perfect notebook system for graduate school. I have tried spiral notebooks, disc-bound systems, padfolios, Komtrak's inspiral binding, and 8.5x5.5 loose-leaf binders. My latest idea is to use book rings from 7ypsies to create a half-size 3-ring notebook without the clunky spine so it can fold back like a spiral. What do you think? Are these fancy book rings, which come in different sizes and colors, any different from the cheap rings I get at Staples? Any suggestions for how this notebook idea could work better?

The whole point of this exercise is to do a little diy at the beginning and end of the semester to:
- have an 8.5x5.5 notebook
- take notes comfortably in my lap
- not deal with any expensive/proprietary system (especially one that sends catalogs every few weeks to tempt me)
- be able to accomodate a lot of pages
- have the ability to move pages around

Komtrak does make a similar notebook called kooolbind, but their 8.5x5.5 notebook size doesn't offer larger ring sizes (1" or larger) and only has 2 holes which is a compatibility problem for the loose leaf and cheap storage binders I have access to. Also, Mead makes a great version of these spine-less notebook binders, but they don't come in the 8.5x5.5 size.

I know I'm picky, but I appreciate the anticipated feedback from the experts!


Hello everyone,

This is my first time posting in a forum but not on the site.

I was wondering what people thought of the non-linear planner called Chronotebook (a Google search will bring up more info than you want if you've never heard of it *lol*).

I'm very intrigued by it and have decided to give it a try (well, my own DIY version with a 24 hour clock), although I'm usually a very linear thinker.

After a year and a lot of paper, I still haven't found my groove (is a perfect planner unreasonable?). I've bought planners, made planners, downloaded planners, planned planners . . . but I'm still searching! Perhaps I don't know what I want. My schedule outside of the home isn't terribly busy, but I still like to have everything planned to death.

I've been thinking maybe I'm too uptight and need to do something completely outside myself--less rigid, less linear, less planned, just less (some say less is more). Enter the Chronotebook with its clock on a blank page, somewhat free but somewhat organized. It might just work.

I'm eager to hear what others think about this planner.

Thank you.

Komtrak's Inspiral binding

I've finally decided on a notebook system (again)

After careful consideration, I finally decided on Komtrak's Inspiral notebook system for taking notes, found at It is compatible with standard GBC comb-punching but allows you to remove the spine, add/remove/change pages, and then re-insert the spine and fasten it back.

here were my initial hesitations (and if/how I overcame them):
- didn't want any hole-punching system that was proprietary (the Presentation Dept. at work let me use their machine for 5 minutes, the time it took to pre-punch a whole batch of paper that will last me a very long time + I bought a desktop punch for $40 from in case I want to punch other inserts)
- I didn't want to buy something from a small company that might go out of business and leave me stranded with no note-taking system (buying my own hole punch allows me to use the same parts over and over again just like a true diy-er)
- the paper wasn't so cheap (again, diy to the rescue)
- it's not nearly as easy to add & remove pages as the Levenger/Circa, Rollabind or 3-ring binder (there is a pocket in the back where I put loose pages; at the end of the day when I prepare for the next morning, I just take out the spine and add pages if I need to)

here are the reasons it works for me:
- I only use 5½ x 8 ½ paper for my classes, so the notebook fits in my purse and I can study on the go
- very attractive & sturdy poly covers
- the back pocket that holds loose papers
- different size spines, including a jumbo size that allow me to hold a semester worth of notetaking in communication disorders
- good customer service
- I like buying from a small company where the person who answers the phone and takes orders is also knowledgeable about the products and I think he is the designer as well
- the whole system is very sturdy - I took the spine out at least a few times a week for over 3 months and the notebook is still in great condition
- it looks good & professional
- this system is available in letter size, 5½ x 8 ½, and 3x5 plus the spines can always be cut
- I have some extra plastic combs that I've saved up from old presentations at work that I can use to bind a notebook I am no longer using, allowing me to re-use the editable spine for something else (in my case, a new semester)
- the 3x5 notebooks can be tossed in my purse and I have different colors for different areas of my life

Looking for a particular style of note taking paper

I am looking for a 2 column lined paper to utilize the business meeting note taking practices described below. The paper either needs to be hole punched or has enough room to hole punch without compromising the columns I am looking for. It is similar to cornell note taking but with a narrow left hand column, a med size right hand column and a larger column in the center.

I was initially thinking of getting the levengers cornell note taking like paper but then I read some very old posts at another site and also ran into a mighty note link.

Below is the old conversation two posters were having at another site, the levenger cornell like paper link and the mighty note link. Sorry for the excessive information but I thought if you understood how it would be used it would give you a better sense of why I am looking for this.

Oh I have considered that holding the paper landscape may allow for a larger note taking area. But I'm not sure if one of the people I am trying to get this for could adapt to taking notes in a landscape format.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Levenger's Tri-Ring Annotation 1/4 Ruled Paper

"Small margin over left hand side. Big margin over right hand side. Lots of space in the middle.
I make notes as I go from top to bottom in the middle. I annotate the notes with indicators for Actions/Decisions.
In the right hand margin I write questions as they occur to me. This is so that I can refer back to them during the meeting at appropriate times - without having to interrupt whoever might be speaking just so that I don't forget something."

"So far, the best approach I've found is dividing the page into a slim left colum, a wide center column, and a medium right column (similar to a web page layout). I take notes in the center with actions or key words in the left colum, and questions, follow-ups, or links in the right column. If the meeting or event requires a summary, I draw a fourth line from left to right across the bottom and write it there. Using different color pens also helps to visually orient me to these elements. Finally, I'm trying to discipline myself to review the notes immediately after the event and deciding on next actions, if I've inherited any. Everything else in the notes is either dump, delegate, defer, or file in reference."

Organizing Notes

Hello to all.

I'm looking for suggestions on how to organize notes that I make from different sources and for different purposes.


Staples Rollabind Surprise

Stopped in Staples last week and went down their notebook aisle, which always contained the same limited and sleepy assortment of their Rollabind products, which they carry under their own name of "Rolla". The selection had always been limited to letter-size notebooks in black, classic-size notebooks in black and tan, and two sizes of the punched notepaper (letter and classic). That was always it.

Imagine my surprise when I saw the new complete display of products that took at least a third of the shelving on one side of the aisle. Looked almost like all the Circa pages in the Levenger catalog, but at a quarter of the price. The stuff included (among other things):

- pre-assembled notebooks with paper as before but in more colors
- just the notebook covers in a variety of fashion colors
- the disks sold separately in black, fashion and metallic colors
- more varieties of punched paper in different sizes (note, Cornell note, graph, to-do, project, etc., etc.)
- compact-size address books
- punched refills for the address books sold separately
- punched plastic dividers
- punched slash pockets
- punched elongated task pads
- ***** THE DESKTOP PUNCH *****
- ***** THE CARD PUNCH *****
- and on, and on, and on

The appearance, weight and quality of the desktop punch look identical to Levenger.
The covers are in vinyl and not in leather, but the prices are great (separate covers are $7.99, disks are $4.99 for a package of 22 I believe).

The quality of everything looked great.

Thought you guys might like to know.

Anyone know of a three hole punch that punches big holes?

I bought some of those Mead Flex binder notebooks a couple months back. I love them but paper I punch myself has two small of holes and it puts strain on the holes. Now paper that I buy prepunches has holes much bigger and there is no strain. I'm curious if anyone has found a punch that emulates the size of the holes on looseleaf lined paper. I would prefer to be able to buy my own paper and punch then always use lined paper. Thanks for your help, Kris


Got my Circa Starter kit today. My Sampler with the gift card is backordered, though. :^(

Looking forward to playing with this at lunch. This will be just perfect for working on the novels. :^D

Circa Folio Zipper Quality?

Hello everyone!

I just found this place and it really is the best thing in printing since Gutenberg.

I'm considering investing in a letter size Circa Folio and while the zip version has the benefit of protection from rain and loose papers falling out, I was wondering if anyone has had any problems with the zippers over time? What are the benefits of the regular un-zippered variety?

I tend to tug at zippers haphazardly and stuff my notebooks beyond their intended capacity so sometimes my poor notebook covers end up with wonky or fraying zippers. I really hope they're as durable as they seem because knowing me, I won't get another one for a long time (I know I should probably keep this to myself but just so you get a better idea, I still have my backpack from middle school and I'm well past undergrad). :D

Also, if anyone recommends a particular cover, I need for it to be able to stand a beating and still maintain its attractive appearance with minimal maintenance? I'm leaning more towards the Bomber or Livingstone since pebbled leather has generally been more sturdy in my experience but feedback would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Moleskine and erasable ink (fountain pen preferable)

Hi. It is my understanding that some ink such as Noodler's bulletproof works well on Moleskine notebooks (I don't have a Moleskine, but I have verified that bulletproof ink indeed does not bleed through on thin paper).

So for the question: is there any erasable ink that does not bleed through Moleskine paper? I have an application that could use a Moleskine notebook (I like their music staff notebook in particular), but I need the ink to be erasable, since normally musical ideas are written in pencil for easy correction, but my eyes crave the bold visibility of dark ink on paper.

Suggestions appreciated.

Loose-leaf lined paper in the UK?

Does anybody know where in the UK I can purchase good quality, lined, loose-leaf A4 paper? I don't mind the line width, margins or holes, as long as the paper is good enough quality for my Parker rollerball. I'd love blue lines, or anything rather than grey, but again quality is much more important. Cheers!